Bookzone Infotainment is proud to present Dr. Nikhil Baljekar ( surgeon ), founder of ,& Learn how to Trade NIFTY using his proprietary “ Baljekar Trading System “, & The Baljekar Indicator, which is dedicated to a single instrument “ NIFTY “. NIFTY BEHAVES DIFFERENTLY ON EACH TRADING DAY,LEARN LIVE AS DR.BALJEKAR UNFOLDS HIS TRADING SECRET.



Please deposit Rs.20,000/-+GST 18% = Rs.23600.00, for Dr. Baljekar’s recorded workshop + PDF of the rule book (Rs.3000.00 Non Refundable for Rule Book) & you will also be included in the Day Trade What’s app group

After watching the video please note down your concerns & mail it to us which will be duly solved, & even after that you have some queries then Dr. Baljekar will speak to you & solve the queries any working day between 5 – 6 pm after prior appointment.

Unique Features of this Trading System

  • This does not need Computer, Computer Software or Charts or Indicators.
  • All you need is the Daily levels of the High (H), Low (L) and Close (C). on the NIFTY and the Weekly H, L & C which is available in any financial newspaper or NSE website
  • A regular Calculator.
  • This has very simple and easy to follow rules for Entry, Stop Loss level and Exit
  • You do not need to be in front of the Computer or TV the entire trading day.
  • You can trade thru your broker by mobile while you are doing some other work.
  • I have devised this only to trade NIFTY and mainly for day trades and very short term trades of BTST (Buy today Sell tomorrow & vise-versa.)
  • Success rate is over 85 % provided all the rules are exactly followed.
  • Can be used by Housewives/ Students/ Working Professionals/ Doctors/ Pilots etc.